Ottawa City Hall Wedding Photography by Christopher Steven B.


Wedding photos of couple at Chatuea Laurier in Ottawa



As a wedding photographer I've worked with many couples planning for a City Hall wedding in Ottawa. No matter how low-key the occasion or how many are in attendance, the wedding day is a special one and, I believe, worth having great photos of.


The Day

After photographing the ceremony, I start with a large group photo, move to photos of the newly married with their family members and friends; and then I whisk the couple off for a 1/2 hour solo session, including some photos taken inside City Hall, and then, weather-permitting, a few outside.


Post Wedding Day

After processing your wedding photos (this normally takes about 7 days) they are uploaded in large-resolution to a private gallery on my website and made available for you to download. There are no watermarks on the large-res versions and they will be ready for you to print and share as you wish.




City Hall Wedding Photography Package



Pricing includes:

- 1½ hours on the day including ceremony, group photos, photos of the new wedding couple

- Digital processing (editing) of the images for color and tone

- Delivery of large resolution versions of the images via download




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we do photos outside Ottawa City Hall ? Do you have any locations in mind ?

A: Absolutely. I have several spots that I like using (Confederation Park, near Chateau Laurier e.g.) and am always interested in trying new places nearby if you have any suggestions and are brave enough for the weather !

Q: How can we schedule the ceremony to allow for the best time for shooting outside ?

A: In general the best light is about an hour or two before sunset. Photographing during that time would be ideal if shots outside are important to you. That said, any time can be made to work.

Q: We live outside Ottawa and may not be able to meet prior to the day--can we still book you for the wedding ?

A: Of course. I work with many clients for whom meeting before the wedding date is not practical. I accept deposits ($150) by email transfer.

Q: About how many photos do you generally return for a city hall wedding ?

A: It depends largely on how many group photos are requested. But I have no 'maximum' number of photos that I return. Just as I aim to take as many great photos as possible, I aim to return as many as possible to you.

Q: Do you offer a 'rush' option that allows same/next day delivery of the finished photos ?

A: Depending on my schedule, I do. Ask about this option for details.

Q: Do you have any testimonials from past wedding photography clients we could see ?

A: There are several reviews on my Google Places page (once on the page scroll down).


Q: How do we book you ?

A: Please send me an email with your wedding date as well as the ceremony start time, and I'll get back to you immediately.


If you have any questions or would like to book me for an upcoming City Hall wedding in Ottawa, please contact me by email at [email protected]



A slideshow featuring a sample of photos from my city hall weddings.





ring exchange at Ottawa City Hall wedding chambers


Couple kissing in Chateau Laurier - City Hall wedding in Ottawa



Civic wedding couple looking at Parliament in Ottawa


Funny jump group photo at city hall wedding in Ottawa