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Stylish Wedding at the Arc Hotel, Ottawa

December 10, 2014
If you happen to discern a particularly finely coiffed set of hairstyles in the following photos, it is likely because my wedding couple for the day are both superstar hair stylists. Having taken them on a stroll through downtown Toronto for their engagement photos, we were all back in Ottawa for their downtown wedding at The Arc Hotel. Getting Re...
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Candid Wedding Photos in Rockland, Ontario | Charlene and Yannick

November 28, 2014
You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. -Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride I have to start this post with a confession - a 'candid' confession. I often use that word to describe the general style in which I photograph weddings, but I don't really think it's ideal. How do you picture a photo taken by a self-desc...
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Mill Street Pub wedding | Hilary & Joseph

November 07, 2014
Perhaps unsurprisingly we did not start the morning of the wedding with a few beers at Mill st. Pub, but rather at the bride's parents' home in Westboro. When I arrived, I met a fully put-together Joseph, whose ensemble was punctuated by a bow-tie. Hilary, whose mom was adjusting her dress a little, was also nearly ready for the day. Though we d...
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DIY Wedding at Billings Estate

October 28, 2014
Billings estate is another example of an Ottawa landmark that I'd be totally oblivious to if it weren't for my work. Located in Alta Vista, it features Ottawa's oldest wood-framed house--built in the 1820's. Having been sold by the Billings family the estate now serves as a museum, and apparently also as a venue for weddings. When I arrived at Bil...
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'First Look' wedding photos: a reveal

October 02, 2014
A Brief History of the First Look At many of the weddings I photograph, the first time the bride and groom see each other on the day is during the processional, as the bride walks down the aisle. These moments are usually pretty powerful--and not just because it's the first time the bride has seen her dude all suited up and with his hair combed. S...
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Army Run Ottawa 2014 Half Marathon

September 21, 2014
This morning I caught a little of the half marathon Canada Army Run in Ottawa. Although I'm totally out of my element photographing sports, I had a couple of friends running and so was dedicated to hanging out to photograph--rain or no rain. Below I've included a list of the bib numbers of the people I caught; and so if you happen to know or to be...
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Rustic Barn Wedding in Hawkesbury Ontario

August 29, 2014
I met Lauren while photographing her friend's backyard wedding and Evan at his brother's wedding in Perth. Running around that Perth wedding as groomsmen were even more of Evan's brothers--burly Canadian boys with the arms of lumberjacks and the comedic sensibilities of Will Ferrell. While scouting the venue before the ceremony I spotted one of the...
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Intimate Wedding at the Blue Cactus, Byward Market

May 27, 2014
Most of the weddings I photograph feature hundreds of guests, start in the early afternoon and continue long into the evening. But occasionally I work with couples who have something a little smaller, perhaps a little bit less formal in mind. Lisa and Michael's DIY wedding at the Blue Cactus was just such an occasion. Although it's no surprise to...
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