Wedding at Southway Inn, Ottawa

As a wedding photographer I spend a lot of time going over the day's schedule and preparing to capture the details important to the wedding couple. But there are inevitably moments, unscripted ones, that really contribute to making a wedding unique.

In this case, the moment was forecast by a sound: a nursery rhyme jingle that became louder by the second. The bride, who was fluttering around outside her parents' home waiting for the limo, noticed an ice cream truck slowly approaching. She turned to me, obviously interested in an ice cream. What could I do but throw up my hands and say 'go for it !' ?
She didn't hesitate.

When I arrived at Southway Inn (the wedding ceremony and reception venue), there were a few dozen guests milling about the front lobby area. The space was open, the people were lively and engaged with one another; this was a great opportunity for shooting candid, documentary photos.

My approach to taking these kinds of photos involves moving around in the most discrete way possible. If I see something interesting going on, I might hover nearby like another guest, with my camera down--until I've got the right moment, the right expression. Then I shoot.
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