Zenfolio SEO for Photographers: a step-by-step guide


Thus far we have looked at improving SEO through changes to our photography site's Home Page. The keywords we have attempted to rank our Home Page for ('Kalamazoo Portrait Photographer' for Bob) are hopefully narrow enough so that the competition with other sites isn't too fierce, and broad enough so that a sufficient number of people are searching with those keywords and potentially finding our site. But what should we attempt to rank other pages on our site for ? How should we optimize those pages ?

One strategy might be to try to optimize all of the other pages for these same keywords with the hope that having more pages ranking for them results in the increased likelihood of at least one of our pages being found.

There are a few problems with taking this strategy too far, though. First, because of how websites are structured, the Home Page is likely the most highly ranked page on a given site. This means that although optimizing other lesser pages for the same keywords might result in all of those pages ranking on google, they'll be like tumbleweeds, far below even our own Home Page. Second, optimizing all of your pages in the same way has the effect of shrinking your website's footprint on the Google landscape. The fact is that people do searches in a variety of methods using a variety of keywords phrases. Given that, it makes sense to optimize the pages of your site so that there are as many ways for people to find there way into your website as possible.

Let's have a look at how this SEO strategy might be implemented, first at the level of our Gallery pages.


6. Gallery Title

(70 character limit on Google)


7. Gallery Meta Description

8. Friendly URLs

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Christopher Steven B. is an Ottawa Wedding Photographer.