Mill Street Pub wedding | Hilary & Joseph

November 07, 2014


Perhaps unsurprisingly we did not start the morning of the wedding with a few beers at Mill st. Pub, but rather at the bride's parents' home in Westboro.

When I arrived, I met a fully put-together Joseph, whose ensemble was punctuated by a bow-tie. Hilary, whose mom was adjusting her dress a little, was also nearly ready for the day. Though we didn't have much time to work with I took her aside for a quick bridal portrait and then moved to the backyard for a couple of photos with Joseph.






I photograph so many weddings at all-in-one wedding venues that it's now somewhat of a surprise when my couples opt for a more traditional setting for their ceremony. When I first walked into the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa I became acutely aware of the power of the space itself. Rather than blather on about the lovely architecture here, though, I'll reserve that for another time and perhaps a full-on architectural exploration of all of the venues I've photographed.


Wide view of inside of First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa church with rich wooden beams and modern design



bride during wedding ceremony




romantic photo with bride and groom touching heads after wedding ceremony



Group photo at Ottawa wedding in church with modern windows in background



Mill St. Brewery wooden barrel / keg


Mill St. Pub

And so from the church to the pub we all went. I had been to Mill St. one time previous: at that wedding the entire bridal party simply had to steal away for something sinful before the wedding ceremony. For them it wasn't a pint of beer but rather the poutine--which I can vouch for as being superb at Mill St. 


Mill street server bringing food order






Mill Street Pub wedding couple with glass of wine and beer




bride showing wedding ring to guest at Mill Street wedding




Mill St. Pub interior with guests at wedding at tables and large windows behind




Groom's hands embracing bride