Candid Wedding Photos in Rockland, Ontario | Charlene and Yannick

November 28, 2014

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.   -Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride


I have to start this post with a confession - a 'candid' confession. I often use that word to describe the general style in which I photograph weddings, but I don't really think it's ideal. How do you picture a photo taken by a self-described candid wedding photographer ? You probably imagine a photo that wasn't posed or staged, where the subjects are totally into their moment and possibly unaware of the camera. That is how I like to shoot.  But I'm also aiming to do something more. Any old snapshot can be candid, and it will by default capture an authentic moment. But a photo of the groom's ear, however candid and therefore truthful, doesn't tell much of a story (and probably isn't that fun to look at). I'm always aiming to take photos that capture real moments, but get at a bigger truth - a story that is unique to your wedding, but might also touch on something universal.


candid photo of father getting ready for Rockland wedding with his two small children nearby


The bride always has her hands full on the morning of her wedding. The groom ? He normally has it pretty easy. And Yannick did make it look easy--even with the task of getting their two young boys ready. I have to say, it was pretty touching seeing this hulking hockey-playing dude tenderly help his boys get cleaned up and dressed for the wedding day.


Father helping child get ready on wedding day



Funny and candid photo of groom taking a bite of hamburger and being fed by groomsman


flower girls talking in the middle of a busy wedding morning



Holy Trinity Roman Catholic church in Rockland interior during wedding



funny photo of wedding couple's child sitting on kneeling bench during catholic wedding





bride and groom excited, raising arms at front of Holy Trinity catholic church



Wedding party just outside the church in Rockland


Although we didn't exactly have formal use of the Outaouis Golf Course for photos, we did sneak in a 20 minute session between the ceremony and reception. I'm actually not sure if Yannick slipped someone a $20 bill or if he got by on charm; but for couples looking for a last ditch place to photograph, golf courses are definitely worth trying.

funny candid of the bride at outaouais golf club turning away from a kiss with bridal party laughing and smiling


There are definitely moments during the day when a little bit of direction is in order. The above candid photo was shot while in the process of getting THIS slightly more pose-y but still natural photo of the whole bridal party. As is often the case I think I actually prefer the above, more candid photo, because of Charlene's hilarious response to Yannick's slickest romantic move.


groom lifting the bride at outaouais golf club in Rockland



Groom lifting the bride and her veil flowing, under trees and in front of slate wall at outaouais golf club



the grand entrance of the bride and groom at Club Powers wedding in Rockland



best man and brother giving speech



bride reacting to speech funny photo of bride hitting groom during wedding speech



darts kissing wedding game with dart board and rules guest throwing a dart for kissing game






bridesmaid watching speeches





first dance at Rockland wedding reception




first dance at Rockland wedding reception