Britannia Yacht Club Wedding Ceremony

November 20, 2012


After shooting two weddings at the Britannia Yacht Club, I am somewhat suspicious that moody clouds are simply part of the venue's decor. Luckily for Alexis and Jeff, we narrowly avoided rain, and still had all of the benefit of a lovely textural backdrop.

Edit: I've returned to the BYC again ! Check out my latest Britannia Yacht Club Wedding.

This wedding session was a little different from most that I do in that the couple was looking for coverage of only the ceremony and a few group shots following this. I've taken the liberty of selecting several of these shots that I thought were particularly ideal for black and white and have presented them below. I have to confess that although I normally present mostly color images to clients, I secretly await the client who requests a full B+W set.


Stormy sky over Britannia Yacht Club wedding



Groom and Officiant prior to wedding ceremony


Wedding couples often tell me that the experience of the ceremony itself can be kind of a haze (a wonderful haze to be sure !) in which they are so concentrated on their partner and on getting the vows right, that they sometimes miss seeing some of the action. That is why I especially love to grab photos like this. At the outdoor ceremony location at the Britannia Yacht Club this was fairly easy to do.


seated guests watching wedding ceremony



Groom and groomsmen standing seriously



Guests and wedding couple under tent during ceremony



Bride and groom exchanging vows


Following the ceremony, we headed over to the stairway leading up to the BYC's reception zone on the second floor. And although this ivy-covered side of the stairway was an ideal background for the group shots, I really didn't bank on one issue that arose: guests moseying up and down the stairs, inadvertently photobombing the backgrounds of the group shots. The solution ? The bride designated a gatekeeper to the stairway with the order that none shall pass during a photo. In the meanwhile, though, I couldn't help but grab a few shots while the fiasco was in progress.


funny wedding photo with guest photographing bride


For those who were looking for some color--and also those under the impression that the groomsmen and groom were looking solemn and well-behaved..

funny bridaly party with groomsmen doing jump kicks



groom karate chopping his groomsmen



formal portrait of groom and his groomsmen in front of moody sky at the Britannia Yacht Club



bride and groom portrait amongst boats at Britannia Yacht Club harbour