Ottawa City Hall Wedding with N and J

December 03, 2012


Someone remarked to me recently that the news--as one might find in a newspaper--tends mostly to be bad news, and that there seems not to be much in the way of a source of good news. After discovering that I photograph weddings, he then pointed out that perhaps I am one of these sources--that documenting 'good news' is in fact the business every wedding photographer is in.

When the bride contacted me looking for coverage of her wedding at Ottawa City Hall, this itself was welcome news. After quite a busy August and September, I definitely looked forward to being part of a smaller scale wedding.

Although I'm always able get a decent variety of shots just at City Hall, I always look for additional locations nearby. Lucky for me the bride and groom were staying at the Ottawa Westin, just a few minutes away; and that is where we started the session.

After arriving to their hotel room and shoo-ing away the groom (who had to patiently wait for just a few more minutes to see his bride..) I noticed the large window overlooking the Ottawa night. We had all agreed that the temperature and time of day pretty much precluded getting shots outside; and I saw this window as a fabulous opportunity of introducing the feel of the city in at least a few of their wedding photos.


Bride in front of window showing downtown Ottawa


Bride peeking before seeing Groom


Above, the bride peeks from the bathroom in her wedding dress whilst below the groom looks on in anticipation.


Groom smiling and awaiting bride


Group wedding photo taken at the Westin in Ottawa


Wedding ceremony at Ottawa City Hall


ring exchange during wedding ceremony


guest watching wedding ceremony


bride and groom posing on mezzanine of Ottawa Westin


As has become a bit of a tradition for me, I ended the session with one large leap--just outside the City Hall wedding chamber. As silly as these photos seem, I feel like sometimes only photos like these can really express the very real excitement that accompanies a wedding.


Wedding party jumping outside of Ottawa city Hall wedding chamber


If you are planning an upcoming City Hall wedding, please do send an email via the 'contact' link at the top of the page.