Sioux Lookout - Photos From Northern Ontario

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A Tim Hortons cup sits abandoned beneath a sign warning of a possibly hazardous road ahead. This road leads to Pelican Falls School--the first First Nations high school run by First Nations in Ontario. We're just outside Sioux Lookout, about 1800km northwest of Ottawa; and we're perhaps reminded by this little scene of the responsibilities that accompany self-determination.


Pelican Falls road sign in Sioux Lookout



Teepee (tipi) being built at Pelican Falls Highschool



Tipi in window of Pelican Falls First Nations High School



Students at Pelican Falls



Basketball net in Pelican Falls school yard



Sun dog in Sioux Lookout sky



water abstract at Pancake Bay, Ontario



Peggy Sanders in her home in Sioux Lookout



Fallen tree - nature photography in Northern Ontario


Sled Dog in Forest, Sioux Lookout


Smashed window with glass in abandoned building in Northern Ontario



Abstract surreal photo with shadow



Thunder Bay mountain view with trees



abstract with trees


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