Gatineau Park photos

June 17, 2012


In what has become a series of posts aimed at answering the question 'what else do you photograph ?' I present here some photos taken around Gatineau Park.

I tend not to be very disciplined about noting the precise locations of most of the photos I take. However, I do recall that the first was taken whilst on the winding trails of Black / King Mountain.


Black / King Mountain trail in Gatineau Park forest in black and whiteGatineau Park - Black Mountain / King Mountain forest



Gatineau Park nature photo abstract with color



Waterfall stream with fallen tree in Gatineau Park - long exposure



boulder on Gatineau Park trail to Lusk Caves in black and whiteGatineau Park - on the path to Lusk Caves



creek in Gatineau  Park - long exposure





wavy tree texture with moss in Gatineau Park





Hollow tree on trail 34 near Meech Lake



Gatineau Park tree with fall colors (yellow) during Fall Rhapsody